Okay, okay, enough funny, time for the actual thoughts.

What is the overall destiny of our intrepid heroes anyway?

Well done you guys. You've kept the story moving with them settling in, then with them trying to fit in, then with them learning new skills, but whenever you step back from the Heroes, and listen to the locals talking to each other, you begin to pick up on these things.

First, Jareth is trying to calm Fezmer, having lost his family at the hands of the Bad Guys, so why have the proper authorities done nothing? Jareth has been telling Fezmer that 'one day' they will have justice against the villains, so why is he waiting? What has to change? What has to be prepared?

Jareth is worried about the three of them because Fezmer's summoning them has upset the status quo, so it naturally begs the question: Why must the status quo be maintained?

We've been getting hints of a growing problem in Londi, the Undying was one example, the Legion is another. Fezmer summoned them with the intention of finding help against the bad guys. We have two warriors, and a skilled magician.

The sheer velocity with which they have picked up the world and it's ways is startling to everyone, and even the three of them took a moment to stop and ask each other: "Why Us? Is There A Reason?"

Mike saw it the moment they arrived, but that's Mike, Katherine found her place in the universe the second she realized that her whole life has been in training for this world, and Shawna got over her panic attacks and terror the nanosecond she discovered the words "Work Stupid Magic."

Six weeks have passed in which the pieces on the board keep moving.

Jareth has gotten over his absolute terror of these strangers, because he's realised that he has aced somewhat dishounourably toward them, and that the sooner he helps them, the sooner they are gone. He has agreed to help, but at the same time, I've heard the words "...With increasing frequency" four times in this series.

First for the Legion attacks

Second for the Undying attacks

Third for the storms.

Fourth for the Tayodes. (Sp)

Yes, there is a Bad Moon Rising.

Jareth is terrified of things moving too quickly, without his knowledge. He was so worried and opposed to it, that Fezmer had to steal his magic book and look outside the world for help.

Is Jareth worried only because the university might find out, or is he worried because these guys are making changes. Jareth was freaking out most about Mike getting the weapons, and Shawna picking up powerful skills.

Fezmer summoned somebody to help him against the bad guys, and without intending to, or even with the help of someone else, he got three unwitting heroes.

Mike was looking for the quest, but he was expecting to have to save the world. Now if he was awake, he would have realised: The Shift spell is nowhere in the university records, so they must look outside the accepted and well known places of knowledge and power to find their objective.

So that leaves us with a simple question: "To Get Home, Where Must They Go?" And more importantly, what or who will stand in their way?

That's the Quest.

Canít wait to see what comes next.

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