It's a sad thing really, to have a divided family.

Not to mention bad for blood pressure.

Okay, let's take it down.

Mike as an economics major. Yowza, never saw it coming. I think it's a good idea though. Either that or his firstborn. Try suggesting that one to Katherine.

I think a mascot's a little over the top, but it's original. I flat out Guarantee you that this town has never seen the like. Advertising and such are things that we havent heard of in this show, so there we are.

Katherine was quite a bit over the top in this episode. Thing is, she's had her life turned over as much as Shauna and Mike, but she's tried to deal with it like another day at the office. After Mike blasting her at breakfast, followed by Arkhan the Terrible, my guess is that she was looking for someone to focus her frustration on, and screaming at Mike must be comfortable and warm and familiar.

That said, having Fesmer dress up in a pig suit, (Which is somehing I would like to see.) does not mean the end of the Laundi civilisation.

And Mike, some good ideas, but Katherine has a point, but not for the reasons she gave. With Shauna terrified about being watched, and probably quite correctly, now is a bad time to make Shauna's Store the most talked about spot in the city. The more different is seems, the more noticable it is.

But you made Shauna give up on you! How about that? Your powers are greater than you know! I swear, it was like watching an argument between a pair of three year old kids. "We made Mom cry! What do we do!"

But hey, it worked.

Problem is, it didnt work exactly. Mike and Katherine are speaking again, but they've dragged everybody into it now. Jareth, Arkhan, Fesmer. They're still arguing.

It's like any family breaking up. Both feel they have the moral high ground and the entire family has to choose sides.

Mike and Katherine are gonna work up the complete "Zana's Shop Manifesto" come out of that room and find Fesmer and Jareth still arent talking.

Mike: Oh come on, you guys are still fighting? That is so thirty minutes ago!

And Katherine? Would it really be so bad to have Zana's working like a McDonalds? Franchise Zana's name, and you've got a lisence to print money. Food's gotta be better for you than at MacDonalds anyway.

Using the tactics of our world is their edge. Teaching the ideas of advertising and 'Super-Size Me' potions, and 'Buy One Get One Free' coupons, something that nobody here seems to have even heard of, you've just raised Zana's to the next level of business.

And you dont use that just in business, but anywhere else you possibly can too. This place has no hospitals? By teaching Fesmer and Jareth how to do CPR, you've advanced Laundi medical science by a century or so. And Mike? You've spent the better part of your life inadvertently studying how to use slower but stronger players to augment smaller and faster players to punch holes in the enemy ranks and conquer your opponents strategy, you cant tell me that wont be useful.

But what really worries me is Zana. She was very much out of character in the last ten minutes here.

That tells me two things, either she knows more than she's saying, or she's had the rug pulled out from under her too.

And that's worrying, because Zana is the local chapter of the "Everything to Everyone" club. With her busy, Shauna's left to fix both worlds now.

Well look at it this way. If Shauna can never go home, saying bye-bye is a lot easier this episode than it would have been last episode. Right?

One final word, about the bloopers. Was it really that hard a line to get right? I would think that the hard part would be the stunned Nuclear Silence that comes straight after it.

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