Ahhh, like sands through the hour glass...

I'm glad they did this, because I am certain the this is the calm before the storm, so now is the time for healing and getting back to basics. And what are the basics? Big problems, and personal confusion, made easier by jokes and 'Fish-out-of-water' funnies.

Our intrepid adventurers picked a hell of a time for this. They're supposed to be going home in a day or two, so naturally they decide to spend their last day in Laundi hookup up with the locals.

Oh, BTW Shauna, if you're gonna follow every kiss by stupidly saying "You kissed me." I think I'm gonna start to re-evaluate just how much you're paying attention. Plus, if Jareth ever gets a chance to go further, we won’t want you narrating quite so much... ;)

Fesmer? Well that was just funny. Oh yes. Funny funny thing.

Katherine? You better hope that the Shift doesnt work, because if you're ever gonna get the high ground back, you have to stick around till the Laundi civilisation collapses, or you'll never be able to say "I-told-you-so."

Jareth? Big promotion like that and still you have to rush through asking a girl to a dance?

Now then, call me crazy, but it seems that after the Civil War aftermath, everybody's on some quasi-rebound thing, Mike and Shauna in particular. How long it'll last depends on a few things, mainly how long they hang around.

Fesmer and Katherine? Naw. Now if Katherine had gotten smashed as well, maybe, but trust her to be the designated driver out of all of them. I think Fesmer's a little smitten with her. Seriously, drunk Fesmer is fun. Wonder what drunk Katherine would be....

Mike and Arkhan, yeah, I can see that. Those two are the 'what you see is what you get', 'dont need to know how it works, just so long as it all works out', 'we dont like Katherine very much', 'eat drink and be merry' team.

Shauna and Jareth, not as sure, but after listening to their ten-minutes of geek hot-talk, followed by five minutes of making out, well...

Okay, big picture.

Zana's telling her to run for it. If Shauna cant go home, then she's gonna have to. The bad guy has very few days to make his move, so that'll be the very next episode.

As for going home, well...I see three possibilities.

1) Shuana doesnt pull it off and our heroes are in for the duration till new New Life.

2) Shauna goes too far and accidentailly pulls Jareth, Fesmer and Arkhan through to Boston with them.

3) They make it home, but the bad guy goes through to Boston after them, so our heroes have to come back and end it.

Personally I'm hoping for the second one.

If I actually guessed right on any of those, please dont let it change your mind!

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