Well now, there's an interesting twist.

I agree with Mike and Katherine. Targo knows a whole lot more than he's letting on, the only missing part is: How did he find these many things out? And more importantly, what's his agenda?

He was the one keeping Mike and Katherine out of the way, and he was the one who said he'd handle it, and he was the one warning Jareth not to get directly involved. And his first question to Mike and Katherine was: "How did Shae-Na learn 'Shift'?"

Interestingly, that was Arkahn's main question too.

So there's a thought. Our world has something both sides would want. Technology.

Jareth was in awe of the idea of simple electricity. What do you think would happen if the Legion was armed with Uzi's and not swords?

The reverse is also true. The university has outlawed the use of unsanctioned magic, the penalty for which is death, so if you didn't need magic to make Speakers, or space heaters, or telephones, then that would severely disrupt their stranglehold on Laundi.

That's going to get worse before it gets better.

Targonanne said, that the university has it's own secrets, and the swift and dangerous reaction to Arkahn's testimony regarding the black market would seem to indicate this is one of them.

See, the twist is, that Arkahn only said this part out loud because Fesmer told her to.

And Fesmer is getting his orders from a new player we haven't met yet.

Zana asked him: "Did you meet my friends?"

I get the feeling that the major players, Zana, Targonanne, and the voice that Fesmer speaks to, are trying to manipulate the game. Zana told Fesmer, that they now had to leave things in the hands of Jareth and one other. I think Zana is trying to upset the balance so that the good guys can do their work.

The sentence came as a shock to everyone. You know how you can tell which games are fixed and which ones are honest? The fixed ones always come as a surprise.

What would be the reason? Well, that's a matter of some opinion, and a little off topic, but try this:

Back in the first season, Arakahn or Fesmer, I cant remember, says that the Legion is rumored to use Tayoden as power sources.

Plus the university has decreed that using magic or all things magical in any way other than what has been written in stone for the last ten thousand years is evil (They wont even rebuild a tower that burned down a century ago, or allow medicinal magic to be taught or practiced anywhere but on their campus.)

Jareth mentioned that the university workshops are putting out a whole new range of technical goodies, like the magi-speakers.

And now Arkahn has announced that somebody is selling Tayoden on the black market.

Put two and two together, and somethings being done in secret.

The kicker is, Arkahn doesn't have a clue about any of that, but the judges cant take the risk of what she does or doesn't know, so they have to kill her.

This series splits its episodes into the transitional, and the demonstrative.

Some episodes we meet new characters or have huge battles, and other episodes are filled with pieces moving on the board, setting up the newest turn of events.

This is Transitional.

Now here's an interesting moment in the life of University Instructor Jareth.

All of a sudden, the game is up to him. He has to move fast, but if he does, he will have to keep running also. If he breaks Arkahn out, then he's gone and proven he's been brainwashed, and most likely put his neck on the block too.

To say nothing of the fact that he will never come back to university again.

So what's it gonna be Jareth?

And where is Shauna Brown?

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