Dang, and I was that close to having the first post.

Huh. Mike actually threw a punch that landed. AND did damage.

Funny thing, but Jareth got told that his judgment is clouded, the universe IS black and white, the Legion are all uniformly evil and deserving of nothing but destruction, and that “we must keep to our ways no matter what.”

Now, maybe I remember wrong, but these are all things that he himself said for the last season and a half aren’t they? Man, Jareth is reaping the whirlwind big time.

Now, a few answered questions.

One: Targonanne and Zana are NOT working together.

Two: Arkahn is still struggling with the whole ‘I led my friends to their doom’ thing.

Three: ‘Go directly to PHD’ works on university students everywhere.

Four: Jareth CAN be taught!

Though, I am just a little curious about Kasha. She had clearly made up her mind, so unless Jareth was able to do some exceptionally fast talking, then she’s either tied up in her office or…

I’ll give the man credit for this though: once he made his choice he went through with it all the way, with his typical diligence.

You see now that we have a posse. A band of merry outlaws on a mission to save the world with nobody to help them, nowhere to turn and nothing left to lose. All they needed were the horses.

Unanswered Questions:

Question One: What is Targonanne’s ultimate endgame? Clearly he’s looking at a bigger picture.

He said there was a difference between winning the battle and winning the war. So whom’s he battling? Whoever it is, the stakes are high enough that he wont bring his old partner in crime Zana in on it, even when it concerns her so. But he’s still keeping Mike and Katherine hidden. The fact that two of his closest friends are now clearly standing against the University, what happens to those loyalties remain to be seen.

Fesmer: Katherine was only half right. We know some about his background, but there’s year long gap in the middle now, and it’s fair to say that he’s made some new friends in that time, who have their own agenda.

Thing is, his motives are history also.

Mike: Football = Making dad happy, get through college too. That’s history.

Arkahn: Just doing my job. = Making family happy, that's life. That’s history.

Jareth: Becoming an Oxford Don, I mean a University whatever = Like his grandfather, like his mentor, going back and back and you cant fight tradition. That’s history.

Shauna: Getting home. = Everything to Everyone. That’s history.

Fesmer: Finding out about the Legion and Oren, and other forces of evil = Avenging his father and brother.

Only it turns out the family was already with the Legion. So that’s history too. So what’s Fesmer’s new goal? And more importantly, who’s he working for?

Zana knows more about that than she’s saying, she usually does. Everyone must have secrets after all.

Question Two: Zana’s will be the first place they look, so they’re officially on the lam now. Time to disappear. Where do they go and how do they live that life now?

Question Three: How much will this shift in allegiances affect Mike and Jareth? Jareth owes him a black eye after all.

Question Four: Where is Shauna Brown?

Question Five: And does Becky feel at all left out of the last four episodes?

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