Ohhh, such potential here.

Okay, item one. it's a damn good thing that Zana came along. I think she sensed she would be needed to referee. That, and the fact that Targonanne would come straight to her shop. She's cast her lot with the runaways.

Next, Arkahn's revelation.

Are we really surprised? I mean, what happened in that clip that could have happened any differently? She's too terrified to tell mike after all he's done to help her out, but do we honestly believe that Mike hasn't already put two and two together? If he didn't care about everything else that happened that day, he wouldn't care about this.

If it's seriously an issue, then Zana has to make the peace by telling them what Shauna said Drayenmeyer said. They've staked their entire futures on the theory that those voices know what the hell they're talking about, it would be hard to blame Arkahn for her part in the affair.

Next, the roadtrip.

Mike's been studying big time. He's about as ready as he can get, and before anybody starts making comments about Mike and Arkahn sharing a tent, bear in mind that Katherine wasn't coming right up until the last minute, the two of them were expecting to be doing this alone from the start.

Which nicely leads up to the, the Shauna/Arkahn/Mike triangle.

I agree with Katherine. #Wolves howl, Porec laughs maniacally, Mike screams, Zana shudders with sudden cold.# Her assessment of Mike's connection to Arkahn was, in my humble opinion, correct. Thing is, he's still feeling guilty over Shauna. See, Mike came to Laundi thinking it was a game for his benefit. He's over the fantasy aspect, but not the formula. The formula is, the hero, tossed into a magical land, fights the villains, saves the world, and wins the love of the fair maiden.

Well, he dropped the ball on that one.

Shauna, his crush since before the series started, is (To him at least) the maiden in question, and not only did Mike not defeat the villains, he got his butt handed to him every single time, and he left the girl to die.

Arkahn might have entertained thoughts of being with Meek, but needing him to explain how a toilet worked would kill the mood some, to say nothing of the fact that she's home now. Got air she can breathe, and it's not likely she's going back to Boston. That's assuming any of them do.

Whatever he decides to do about Arkahn, Mike needs to close the book on Shauna and his feelings for her first. And to do that he has to find her.

I don't think Mike knows what he'll do when he finds Shauna, he just knows that he has to.

For that matter, what are any of them going to do if they find her?

And that's even assuming that she wants to go back.

See, the last five minutes of this episode made it clear that time/space is fractured somewhat. So the question of the hour is, if Shauna survived, why didn't she take advantage of this? If Katherine had chased the car sounds, would she have been able to get through?

The bird lady spent the last few minutes pushing Shauna to... transcend? That could mean any number of things. Smart money says, that Shauna did so.

There is so little we understand about the rules of Odi, for all we know, Shauna isn't even entirely human any more. With that in mind we have to ask the question: What happens if Mike and the others actually manage to find her?

If she had wanted to escape, she almost certainly would have been able to, so if she's still with Porec, it's by choice.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, super powers corrupt... superbly.

If she had the kind of power that everybody thinks she has, then what could Boston possibly offer her that she hasn't already considered?

So, unanswered questions:

1) What has happened to their departure point?

2) What fate awaits Zana, to say nothing of Jareth if they go home?

3) Does Shauna even want to be found?

4) What edge does Earth Travel-Technology give them?

5) Where is Shauna Brown?

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