Didn’t any of these people learn their lessons from “The New Life Dance”?!

Maverick was right, this is the transitional episode. Which is good, there's been a lot of Revelation, time for exposition and transition.

Thing is, it's harder to speak of great and mighty darkness in the absence of big picture discovery.

Okay, let’s start with the minor points.

Arkahn’s still sick. I think her time in Boston left its mark. A lifelong smoker can’t climb a staircase without huffing, and Arkahn’s, probably the case-in-point of that. Poor girl is officially stuck in self-pity city.

And speaking of that scene:


Arkahn: “I know Meek, your Devotion to Shae-Na is… unending.”


That clicking sound you hear? Is me recording the moment for future 'Arkahn’s Journal' use.

Thing is, the rest of the episode? Starting two minutes later?


Katherine: You can let go of my hand now/Careful, you almost described yourself.


I think I speak for about three quarters of us, (including Lexy probably) when I say, “Oh, Dear god No!”

(Completely off topic, Meek, don’t tell me you fell for that? I’ve used that trick! “Po-kher? I’ve heard wonderful things about that game. Oh, but… I’m not very good. Two to one odds you say? Well… okay, if you’re sure I wouldn’t be bothering anyone… oh wait… can you make change for fifties?”)

The chat between Katherine and Mike did perform the perfect “Lost” flashback maneuver though. It answered two questions by posing four more.

The conversation in question gets put into my file of "Things Katherine's Parents Should Have Told Her!" Result one of which showed up in "Things We'll Never See" a while back.

Seriously though, what ‘Old Money’ family Father personally teaches his daughter how to spar?

(BTW, at this point I would like to stress that if I inadvertently bring up any future plot points, it’s your own damn fault because you made us all paranoid with Arkahn’s turncoat routine.)

Jareth is a lousy drunk. Gotta admire that stiff upper lip while hungover, but he finally got a chance to think about it. Problem is, if he drank enough, then he'd forget everything he slurred out to Zana last night, and do it all over again the next night.

Fesmer carrying around his painkillers, Jareth with his wineskin... those two will be buddies again soon.

And speaking of Fesmer...

I would also like to stress (Expect for the last few minutes) that dear Fesmer is becoming somewhat… what’s the word? Aristocratic? “Why yes, we should go further up the street. Tsk tsk, Jareth, allow Mike to make up his own mind. What? Just because I’m dry doesn’t mean my opinion is biased. #Sigh# Why can’t you just be happy for my comfort and simple happiness?”

But hey, Jareth complaining that you can't play the Drayenmeyer card to choose which in they stay at? Well... Mike was right wasn't he? He doesnt know it, but they found what they were looking for.

Okay, larger issues. The big picture today was entirely the responsibility of Fesmer.

One, Fesmer’s father a defector? Well that opens all kinds of interesting possibilities.

Two, Fesmer's loyalties have shifted. If Tinkerbell IS Shauna, then she won't be wild about them finding out about the trial, plus the fact that she's got her own loyalties issues right now.

Thing of it is, we don't have a clue what their agenda's are. Is Shauna trying to get to them? Is she trying to get them to find her around the Legion, to say nothing of Porec? Is she planning to send them another way? Is Fesmer following this voice because he wants to take the Legion apart? Is that what Shauna's maneuvering him to do?

As I say, a flawless LOST maneuver.

And three, dammit Fesmer, it would have killed you to mention your brother’s name? Took you all night to get to the point.

Well, I doubt it matters largely… We’ve got a small dedicated band of superheroes on the run, finally finding a lead, and the twits are all too drunk to follow it.

Fesmer: #Slurring# Oh, hey Mike… my Winged Man! I found someone who saw Shae-Na and my brother. They had her husband executed!

Mike: WHAT!? Where is he?

Fesmer: I’m not sure, I’m kinda hung over.

So. The road ahead is bleak huh? Stop the presses!

Okay, miscelaneous thoughts.

The music was great, and I get the feeling that the next "Donation Incentive" will be am mp3 of the song, just on it's own, with vocals provided by...

And also, the message from Brad. Seven Thousand Shifty Ones out there, downloading. Awesome. We'll call those the "Silent Majority."

Now, how to get them to speak up... well, you could ask Decoder Ring Theater to take back their bribes...

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