Ohhhh. Zana, what have you done?

Okay, letís take it down.

Hearing Mike and Katherineís voices gives a chill up the Geek-itude. It has been too long.

Ahh, itís good to be back. SPOILER ALERT!

Okay, okay guys I get the point. IĎm closing the book on Mike/Arkahn Ship.

Mikeís obsession about going West is a bad idea. Going west brought them to this place and these people. With such an ambiguous direction, the point is in the journey.

Maybe itís the length of time between episodes, but the dynamic between the characters seem to be changing. Mike and Arkahn are now barely speaking. Katherine and Zana are avoiding each other in the wake of revelations, I imagine Zana and Fesmer are going to be at each others throats soon.

Matter of fact, the only connection between characters that actually works any more is Katherine and Mike. Which is not surprising. Those two are the only ones that arenít working at cross-purposes. That, and Katherineís hands mean she needs to accept other peopleís help a bit for once. (Mikeís a natural Galahad in training.)

Motives and purpose is the point of the entire season so far. What Katherine said about how they all had lives before the show started is a good one, but for Mike and Katherine, thatís not a problem. The problem is that they had lives for the year theyíve been away.

Mike and Katherine did not. Their lives were on pause for that year. The result is that when they came back, it was like Shauna had been missing for ten minutes. But of course, we know better.

What happened with Arkahn and Jareth rings true. I think Arkahnís realized that Mikeís finished with her. That sounds more callous than it is, but if you think about it from Mikeís POV, Arkahn becomes more of a rehearsal than a Ďwhat could have beení. Think about it. The girl out of her world whom Mike needs to get home. Heís done that now, and heís not unsympathetic, but heís got a bigger priority.

With that in mind, Arkahn needs a new posse. Everything sheís ever done has been because of whoever she happens to be aligned with at the time. When she pulled an about face on her family, she attached herself to Mike, and needed him completely. Now thatís done too, and Arkahnís realized that sheís not going back to Boston, and Mikeís leaving as soon as he finds Shauna. Is it any wonder she starts building bridges? It looks like Fesmer may have given her a perfect place to set up once Mike and Katherine move on.

And okay, letís talk about that.

The Hunters of Truth were started by Zana, but with her away so long, Fesmer has effectively taken over, and he has his own scores to settle. What remains to be seen is how much Fesmer and Deeta were involved with Cheanti and her little band, or worse, if thatís not an isolated thing.

Thing is, Fesmer just made one hell of a campaign promise. When Mike finds out about thatÖ

So, the questions of the hour.

Is Jareth finally going to get straight answers from Targonanne?

With Katherine ever play the Bow and Arrow again?

Is Fesmer playing to the crowd, or does he actually know where she is?

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