The great thing about the Grand Finale is you can throw the rules away.

I'm not going to go into it too deeply right now, because there's still Part 2 to come, and that's where all the plot lines get their answers.

What I will say, is that it's amazing how fast everyone falls back on old patterns. Mike sees Shauna and jumps straight into 'Anyone you need beaten up?' Shauna is faced with an impossible choice, and even after 900 years, you are left with someone who doesn't want anyone to suffer.

Shauna spent 900 years used to being in charge, and when she woke up, she took too long to realize that the rest of the world hadn't been there and done it with her. To them she was still the honored chosen guest that wasn't allowed to leave. Shauna's comment that the gang took a whole Legion camp out when they made their last escape left out the point that she did most of it.

Oren said, that he and Shae were the same. How much of the Dreamtime was her, and how much was him is debatable, but a lot less so now. Even with him giving her a 900 year lesson, he couldn't break her of 'Everything to Everyone'. Oren however does not fall into the trap of many ancient Evils. He's quickly adaptable. If he can't make her follow in his footsteps, he'll play the motivations that work.

In the space of one conversation, he managed to get everyone in the room to do what he wanted because they wanted to. They were all lined up for the execution, and were feeling pretty noble about it, and all to make Shauna move first.

But why? To return to Eden, and lock the gates behind him. Whatever that means. He's still working an angle. If he wasn't, he'd have let Mike and Katherine finish talking.

So, the question of the series: What is the land of Ainorem? The Grey Havens, Aslan's Country, Shangri-la, Sha-ka-ree (Oh, mercy; I'm such a geek.) Whatever it is, Oren wants to shatter the barriers between his world and that one, and his death is the way to do that.

On the plus side, if Shauna's family meet Oren, Mike can go home without getting arrested. Assuming anything on earth lives.

Like I said, the great thing about the grand finale is that you can throw the rules away. Earth might well be wiped out by the end of the next episode.

I have no doubt that I'll add more thoughts later on, after I re-listen a few times. For now, there's this.

Great show, great acting, and the cliffhanger is almost expected at this point. Great to know there's a timetable for the grand finale. Looking forward to it.

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