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Standalone music from the show
  • Complete Season One theme.
    Composed by Jason Hall."
  • Complete Season Two theme.
    Composed by Tiven Weinstock.
  • 2.06.07
    Background music from Shauna and Porec's fight in Episode 2.06. Composed by Tiven Weinstock.
  • The Ballad of Dear Varya
    This is the song from the tavern in Episode 2.07. Composed by Tiven Weinstock, vocals by Sequoia Wild.
  • Game Music
    Originally written for a never-released Second Shift video game based on the undying attack in episode 1.05, much of this music was re-used in the final episodes of Season Two.
2.13 Dreams (live)
Months before the episode's official release, this "mostly stand-alone" episode was performed live at the Arisia scifi convention. Unfortunately, the very end of the video was lost, so be prepared for it to cut out before the episode is over. :(
Beyond Second Shift
Other projects by members of the Second Shift cast and crew
  • Pieces (external link)
    Author, podcaster and Second Shift fan Nobilis Reed produced this series, in which different authors were invited to write each chapter of the story. Brandon Crose and John Tanzer penned one episode, which Ari Herbstman narrated.
  • 2010: Our Hideous Future
    A dystopian synthpop musical in which Julia Lunetta plays a supercomputer who rules the world. What's not to love?
  • The Mask of Inanna (external link)
    This Parsec award winning series was created by Neil Marsh and features the voices of several Second Shift cast members.
  • Postards from DragonCon
    A short audio documentary by Brad Smith about cosplayers at DragonCon 2012.
  • The Cremation of Sam McGee
    Adaptation of the Robert W. Service poem The Cremation of SamMcGee by Brad Smith. "The recording is a little rough, but it was made in an evening for the 90th birthday of my grandmother, who can still recite the thing from memory. It's a wonderfully fun poem that I love to share".
Other Stuff
Everything else...
  • Charandrean
    A primer on the constructed language used in Second Shift, from the Second Shift wiki.