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Andrea Shubert
Creator / Executive Producer

When Second Shift started, Andrea didn't know it was the story she had been waiting her whole life to tell. Someday, she might tell the story of how the show changed her life. In the meantime, Andrea continues to create games.

Andrea has been a game designer, producer, and developer for the past twenty years. Her first commercial hit, Acrophobia, helped to launch the social gaming genre in 1997. She has been a part of the digital trading card game genre since its inception, first as a high-level player of Chron X, and later as a designer or producer of over a dozen games. Totaling more than 11,000 cards, she is glad that they are digital.

Andrea can be found on twitter @andrea2s1, usually tweeting about the games business, LGBT equality, politics, and sports. Her website is

Brandon Crose
Co-lead Writer
Brandon Crose is a playwright and writer of nonfiction living in Boston, MA. He has published several titles with Hallmark Gift Books and a book about finance for young entrepreneurs with Applesauce Press. Find him online at!
John Tanzer
Co-lead Writer
John Tanzer graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing and has worked in the publishing industry on textbooks and children's books. He is currently living in Los Angeles.
Myssi Cerebi
Writer (season two)
Myssi has a BFA in creative writing from Emerson College with 13 years in publishing and EdTech. In addition to providing freelance editorial services, she has also written for the Lovestruck App. More to come!
Tiven Weinstock
Composer (episode 10 onward)
Tiven Weinstock joined the Second Shift team part way through the first season. He has composed and produced original concert and film music over 15 years. To hear a variety of Tiven's other music, visit
Becki Harrington-Davis
Shauna Brown / Producer
Becki Harrington-Davis is a writer, editor and project manager by day. By night, she hula hoops, volunteers with kids and studies toward a master's degree in applied communication.
Maya Shaffer
Mike Archer
Maya Shaffer -formerly Mike Hunter- voiced Michael Archer throughout the series as well as being a writer and director in season two. Since second shift Maya graduated from college with an English degree (while her English store has failed you can still buy a vowel from her at a very reasonable price), She transitioned, and is happily engaged to her partner Ellie. Maya was an occupier and has moved on to become a protest organizer and co-founder of Massachusetts based organization of "constitutional trolls" (people who exercise their constitutional rights to show they don't exist)- her media appearances now are usually as an uncredited detainee or protester on the news, or as a guest on talk radio discussing social and political issues.
Lily Gist
Katherine Rinson
Lily Gist is a practicing artist and musician living in Brooklyn, New York, with a BFA in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts. Having worked as a guide at the Guggenheim Museum for several years, she now works with the team at Squarespace to provide online support while working on her own projects, which include playing cello and mandolin in the bluegrass tinged Americana folk-rock band Moon Crashers, and a series of paintings investigating social bias and first impressions through various modes of communication using data visualization in a minimalist aesthetic system.
Andrew Schwartz
Fesmer / Sound Design / Post-Production / Tech Lead (season one)
Andrew got into voice acting through his love of sound and music. Having also spent some time as a recording engineer and producer for a cappella albums, Andrew has since obtained his PhD in Speech and Hearing from MIT. He currently lives in Jamaica Plain and works as an R&D engineer for 3Play Media.
Ari Herbstman
Fesmer (season two)

Ari Herbstman joined up with Second Shift as the unforgettable "Sidewalk-Chalk Guy"*. Every role he played since was but a pale reflection of that magnificence. He has been a humble tour-de-force in the art world since. He has performed as a Nazi, a dead writer, an improviser, and even the director of his favorite show, "Twelfth Night". But his crowning achievement has been as a living husband and father to the two greatest inspirations in his life.

* Ed Note: best known for his immortal line "I'm drivin' heah!" from 2.01, cleverly reprised in 2.16!

Julia Lunetta
Arkahn / Winged Herald
Julia Lunetta is a professional geek and a semi-professional actress, musician, and human. After many years in Massachusetts, she has moved on to New York City, in search of fame, fortune, and really good lox. In addition to voicing Arkahn and the Winged Herald in Second Shift, she originated the role of the Master Computer in the "2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical". Further, she is a co-founder of the NYC-based a cappella group Three Dollar Bill ( and for nearly 15 years has worked with the Annals of Improbable Research ( She enjoys making the internet a more reliable and interesting place. You can follow her on Twitter (@lediva).
Brad Smith
Jareth / Sound Design / Post-Production / Tech Lead (season two)

Brad Smith grew up loving old radio shows and was thrilled to join the cast of Second Shift (less than 24 hours before recording began for the first episode!). Over the course of the show he got his hands on just about every aspect of Second Shift, from voice acting to directing, web design and post-production, eventually becoming the show's technical lead. He loved every minute of it that didn't involve wanting to pull his own hair out (and, truth be told, even some of those minutes too).

In addition to Second Shift, Brad has worked with the Post Meridian Radio Players as a voice actor, director, and sound designer, and with other local theater companies doing plays and musical theater. Favorite roles include Malvolio in Twelfth Night, Touchstone in As You Like It, and Jake in Evil Dead: The Musical.

He also enjoys running strange, nerdy performance games at conventions, and does vocals and percussion in the band Stranger Ways. By day he writes software and training materials for a company that helps make the Internet go. More information can be found at his website, GeekDome.Net.

Christina Molodowich
Zana / Dita
Following a chance encounter with Andrea just when the project was getting started, Christina tumbled headlong into the world of Second Shift (and crazy accents). Now furiously writing Java for a living (and loving it), she fondly remembers her adventures in voice acting.
Paul Harrington
Paul Harrington designs independent games for computers and Android phones under the label Super Walrus Games and writes film and game critiques at He made his hip hop debut on the soundtrack album for C. Kane.
Neil Marsh
Porec / Sound Design / Post-Production

Neil came to Second Shift after being endlessly pestered encouraged by Julia Lunetta to check out the show. From there, his involvement grew like an addiction. It started out with just providing a few sound effects (that never hurt anybody, right?). But then he auditioned for - and got - the part of Porec. After that, there was no turning back.

Neil is a co-founder (and now Artistic Director) of The Post Meridian Radio Players, a Boston-based theater troupe that performs live shows in the style of old-time radio programs, as well as several studio productions. He directed PMRP's premiere production of Arch Oboler's Chicken Heart in 2005, and since then has directed several other plays, including a Boston-based adaptation of Orson Welles's War of the Worlds radio broadcast and a chilling version of the Suspense! classic "Sorry, Wrong Number". He also created PMRP's Parsec Award-winning miniseries The Mask of Inanna.

Neil really enjoyed his time as Porec and misses being able to use his eastern European accent. He also misses role-playing magic battles with Becki.